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The Center is here to support the health of our community and to help you be strong again. If you have an injury or condition, our goal is to provide all your care in a single location. Our neurosurgery team specializes in diagnosing  head and spine conditions and prescribing individualized plans.  If your condition is musculoskeletal, our  Orthopedic surgeons will find the right treatment to bring your range of motion back in to full swing. We know getting across town with crutches is no fun. From NOWcare’s walk in (or limp-in) appointments to medical imaging and surgery performed on-site and a full physical therapy team to speed recovery, you’ll have access to all the patient-centered services you need at The Center, to get you back to feeling like you again. Find strength here.

Central Oregon’s beauty and The Center’s patient-focused approach attract top-notch medical physicians, orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons, which means we have a specialist for virtually any injury or condition. We focus on personal attention and patient education as part of the healing process and provide a full range of services, including:

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